Living and Working in Fürstenfeldbruck


About Us

H.I.E.R. was a very succesful project made by Pack mas e.V. between 2015 and 2017. The project is no longer active, but if you are interested the project, you find all informations here. You can find the current projects by Pack mas e.V. on the website


H.I.E.R. is a project for refugees and asylum seekers in the area of Fürstenfeldbruck. The purpose of this project is to become acquainted with the German working life.

The core idea is to get to know the language and society while working. We developed programs which are similar to an employment for migrants and asylum seekers irrespective of legal status.

As a participant of the project you have the possibility to perform socially and ecologically meaningful activities. The activities serve the public welfare. And you will be contributing to the feeling of togetherness in the county Fürstenfeldbruck.

You can experience the life outside the accommodation or outside the own home.

The project is addressed to people, who could not acquire the German language enough to be able to cope well so far; and have had no access to an extensive language or integration class yet.

The attendees gain experience in the German working life and prepare for the regular labor market. The activities are well organized, and won’t overlap with the German- and computing-class by the local refugee support networks. Another part of the program is the producing of resumes (personal history) and letters of application. We will deliver insights into the German employment market and assistance with the procedure of the labor permit.

In our working group refugees and German participants work together, so contacts can be established and language skills can be acquired in practice. The breaks are used for small training modules. This protective environment offers the asylum seekers the possibility to test and strengthen their own performance.

Ahmed El Mohamady - Arbeitsanleiter

Ahmed El Mohamady - Arbeitsanleiter

„In my role as field instructor at H.I.E.R. I show the participants what has to be done, how to use the equipment and much more. The activities receive great interest by the refugees, because with the project they can leave their accommodation and get accustomed to the real life. My goal is to motivate the participants, prepare them for the work in Germany and support them with learning of the German language.”

Respectful and valuably association with our participants is always the main focus. We take care that the participation supports the personal development of the attendees.

We know that job seeking is only one of many problems for refugees. This is why we act as a contact person for all requests. We help you directly, or refer to the responsible contact point.

H.I.E.R. is created by “Pack mas e.V.”, a Munich non-profit organization for social services. You can read up on our different products and backgrounds to H.I.E.R. on the Pack mas – website (German website).