It’s our requirement to help the refugees who live in FFB to enter the working environment. For this purpose we offer different possibilities of occupation. The participants can improve their language knowledge, socialize and try out different vocational fields.

All offers are open to everyone who is interested. There is no need for a working permission, language skills, or other qualifications. The teams consist of refugees and local people, with it social participation works across demographic differences.


Destiny O.

Destiny O.

With H.I.E.R. I can use my time to help. It’s important to me to do social work, so I can support the community in Puchheim.


An important field of activity of our program is the work outdoors. The participants build beds, seed and care for the plants. We support the ‘Stadtbeete Puchheim’, a project with the claim to change public green areas into beds for vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Garden plots, associations and charitable organizations with similar assignments can be supported as well.

A sub goal is bringing together the local refugee relief, the network of dedicated citizens, environment activists and gardening organizations. New point of contacts between the population and the asylum seekers are developing here as well. The refugees experience more acceptance and can get along in their new surrounding. The physical work in the open is in many cases a good access in the German working life.

Maintenance & Ecology

In agreement with the communes, H.I.E.R. cleans up public places which need extra care despite the public cleaning, such as industrial regions, playgrounds and green areas. Cleaning them frequently and thoroughly adds a considerable value to the population.

There are many other duties which are completed; for example unweeding path and much more – according to the particular requirements.

Our participants emphasize the social character of the project as an important motivation. We are especially happy about commendation and appreciation from the population.

H.I.E.R. is with this occupation present in the community Fürstenfeldbruck, and new contacts with the pedestrians are building. Furthermore you become acquainted with the new surrounding automatically and it’s easier to get along in the place.

Imafidon I.

Imafidon I.

I take part in the project to support the community in Puchheim. I like it to work here and I am happy to achieve appreciation from the citizens of Puchheim. In this way I met a lot of nice people.


H.I.E.R. is a contact point for associations, communes, companies, other organizations and interested persons who can provide duties for the project, or hire refugees.

H.I.E.R. handles the administrative efforts, takes care that the occupation offer will be noticed in the accommodation and attends the institutions and participants. Furthermore H.I.E.R. ensures fair compensation for the rendered work, in the form of appreciation, integration, valuation and provisions.

If you are an asylum seeker searching for an opportunity to work in a socially and ecologically worthwhile project, feel free to contact us. We will try to help you in all aspects of your life, or bring you into contact with the right contact persons.

If you are an interested organization or private person and want to play a part in the (job-related) integration of refugees, please approach to us! We can provide advice, inform and make contacts.

Lunch Special

Another project is the lunch, provided from refugees for refugees. The morning activity usually ends with a comfortable get-together and a warm lunch.

Therefore we are using the kitchen in the accommodation in Siemensstr. 4 and we arranged a place to eat together. Also the German participants take part in this offer and the new contacts from the activity get stronger.

The healthy and tasty meals are prepared by two participants, for all members of the project. They are doing all incoming tasks, like planning, shopping and preparation of the meals.

The cooking project is a possibility to learn team work and to get insights in the German daily life.

Computing Class

In our rooms in Boschstr. 6 (Pack mas e.V.) computing and IT classes for refugees take place. The teacher is a member of “Asylhilfe Puchheim” and teaches basic knowledge for working with a computer. These skills are a requirement for many jobs, so the class is helpful for the private and the professional life.

The PC- workplaces can be used for online job search, research and much more.